Williamsburg has been one of Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhoods for years now, and one that is always in flux. Known for its art and music scene, happening bars and restaurants, and hipster locals, it’s easy to mistake this area for a yuppie paradise. While this is true for many newer transplants, some families have lived in Williamsburg for generations.

The Orthodox Jewish community is one prominent example of a culture with strong roots in Williamsburg. Hasidic Jews first moved to prior to WWII, then received an influx of Holocaust survivors in the late 40s and early 50s, many from rural Hasidic areas like Hungary and Romania. Today, the population numbers at about 73,000, and growing — Orthodox Jewish families tend to be large, as couples have an average of eight children each.

Naturally, this means that there will be more Orthodox Jews with aging concerns than hipsters in the near future. Which is why it’s so important that Williamsburg has local centers for nursing and rehabilitation that are sensitive to religion and community.

The Allure Group’s Bedford Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation provides just this for Williamsburg’s Jewish community. Located on Bedford Ave between Heyward and Wallabout, our facility sits in the heart of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community so that we can serve their elders without displacing them from their culture.

As with all of our NYC facilities, our Bedford Center takes cues from the locals to personalize our services and amenities to best fit patient and resident needs. Jewish traditions are an important part of daily life at this center, making it as close to home as humanly possible — but with high-quality medical care at all hours.

We offer Rabbinical services, staffed by community members that care deeply about and interact regularly with residents and their families. In our newly renovated shul, residents can partake in religious services up to three times a day. We also provide authentic, traditional holiday experiences for every Yomim Tovim in the Jewish Calendar year.

On top of this, we are dedicated to providing 100% Kosher food and holiday meals for residents and families. With Glatt Kosher dining, our kosher kitchen is overseen by a full-time Mashgiach (under the strict guidance of the Viener Dayan of Monsey, R’ Menachem Fisher). We believe all patients should enjoy their dining experience and have the comfort of knowing that their religious beliefs are being adhered to in the most stringent manner.

With any community, comfort and quality are key in old age. We seek to make seniors of all ages and background feel at home in our homes. For Williamsburg’s Orthodox Jewish community, this has been our goal, and one we are proud to meet every day at Bedford Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation.