A highly dynamic business leader, Joel Landau has a proven success record in creating companies that improve health care delivery and insurance processes for health plans, their members, and medical providers servicing communities. Joel Landau is also an accomplished thought leader in the press. His articles tackle the complex issues of healthcare, entrepreneurship, and caring for the aging population. His articles have been featured in publications such as CNBCForbesEntrepreneurScoreThrive GlobalAlleyWatchStartup Nation, and Patch.

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Thrive Global, July 6th, 2021

How Joel Landau has led the Allure Group through the pandemic

While the human tragedy of the coronavirus pandemic should always be top of mind, let us focus for a moment on the economic upheaval resulting from this healthcare crisis. How businesses have been left in dire straits, or altered. How jobs have dried up, leaving lives in disarray. How the very definition of work has been rewritten.

Where the pandemic was concerned, things weren’t very all right in the U.S. at that point, though the outlook has since brightened considerably. And throughout the crisis The Allure Group, under the leadership of chairman and founder Joel Landau, has endeavored to raise awareness, raise spirits and raise hopes.

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Influencive, June 17th, 2021

How Joel Landau has led the Allure Group through the pandemic

In July 2020, a resident named Mrs. Tatyana was released from The Allure Group’s Hamilton Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, having recovered from a bout with COVID-19 that at one point left her on a respirator.

As part of her Blue Carpet Farewell, a musician stood in the lobby of the facility, strumming a guitar and singing a rendition of an old Beatles song, “Here Comes the Sun,” which includes these lyrics:

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun do, do, do
Here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right

Where the pandemic was concerned, things weren’t very all right in the U.S. at that point, though the outlook has since brightened considerably. And throughout the crisis The Allure Group, under the leadership of chairman and founder Joel Landau, has endeavored to raise awareness, raise spirits and raise hopes.

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Thrive Global, May 4, 2021

How Leaders Respond to Crises and What We Can Learn

The coronavirus pandemic has placed unique demands on business and healthcare leaders, pulling much of their attention away from growth towards controlling losses. This public health crisis has also changed what most of them understand about handling widespread and enduring emergencies. Moreover, they continue to face challenges with maintaining safety and supporting their employees and clients through changes in working conditions.

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Healthcare Business Today, April 10, 2021

The Nursing Home in 2021: What Lies Ahead

Buffeted by the coronavirus pandemic and faced by an ongoing influx of Baby Boomers, skilled nursing facilities are quickly approaching their day of reckoning. Or, more likely, several of them.

“I think that we’re moving into a decade of disruption, quite honestly,” Beth Mace, chief economist for the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC), told the Senior Housing News webinar.

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SCORE, March 10, 2021

Trends That Will Define the Business World in 2021

Even in the best of times, disruption is a fact of life in the business world.

These are not, of course, the best of times. And while the coronavirus pandemic has led to even greater disruption, it has led to something else — opportunity. An opportunity for innovation. An opportunity for growth.

Some 70 percent of executives believe that will be the case, according to McKinsey. In particular, they assert that COVID-19 will present opportunities for growth in the following sectors: technology, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical/medical supplies, financial services, retail, and healthcare systems/services.

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McKnights Long Term Care News, February 22, 2021

Making the loneliness epidemic a mainstream problem, finally

With the coronavirus pandemic still raging this summer, a senior living facility in North Carolina began posting photos on its Facebook page, each showing a resident holding a sign that listed the person’s first name and hobbies. There was Linda, who likes art, music and reading. Pauline, who enjoys rabbits and the Bible. Alex, who appreciates guitars and old rock music.

There were 20 photos in all. And displayed behind each of the residents was another sign: “Will You Be My Pen Pal?”

It was yet another reminder of the depth and breadth of the COVID-19 crisis.

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tap-into-logo-joel-landau, February 3, 2021

Vaccine Rollout Gathering Momentum, Especially at The Allure Group

New president Joe Biden has unveiled an ambitious plan to supercharge the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, and among other things he wants to assure that it reaches those who need it most — notably healthcare workers, those with co-morbidities and those 65 and older.

“It won’t mean that everyone in these groups will get vaccinated immediately, as supply is not where it needs to be,” his transition team wrote, according to CNBC. “But it will mean that as vaccines become available, they will reach more people who need them.”

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McKnights Long Term Care News,  January 25, 2021

How COVID-19 unmasked ageism

For every occasion, even a pandemic, there appears to be a hashtag. One used to describe the coronavirus was particularly vile, particularly cruel: #BoomerRemover.

There is, tragically, some truth to it, as COVID-19 has shown itself to be especially deadly among those 65 and over. That age group accounts for nearly 69% of the 385,000-plus Americans who had died of the virus as of mid-January.

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Healthcare Business,  January 11, 2021

Will Healthcare’s Supply Chain Ever Look The Same Again?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharper focus what had already been widely known, even before the outbreak — that the healthcare supply chain is stretched too thin.

In February — i.e., before the worst of the crisis had struck the U.S. — just 11 percent of hospital representatives believed that supply chain management in the medical sector was comparable to that in other industries, and 46 percent said they managed their supply chain no better than “moderately well.”

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Thrive Global,  January 5, 2021

‘Never Too Old To Dream’: The Lessons of a 90-year-old Masters Recipient

The degree conferred upon 90-year-old Lorna Predergast by the University of Melbourne in July was a Masters of Ageing. The Australian spelling of that last word might strike those in the U.S. as odd, but the sentiment behind it should not: Even before she received that degree, she had become a master of aging in a literal sense. And that is something an increasing number of older Americans are seeking to do as well.

They want to continue to enrich their lives, to be life-long learners. And that is a sure path to not only a better quality of life but improved mental and physical health. Prendergast quoted author C.S. Lewis when she was asked about her degree, which involved the study of music therapy, particularly as it applies to dementia patients: “You’re never too old to dream.”

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SCORE,  January 4, 2021

Why It’s Critical For Every CEO to Work the Front Lines of the Digital Revolution

The view of futurist Michael Rogers, expressed at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum in October 2018, seems almost quaint in retrospect: He said then that he foresees “massive vertical consolidation” in the sector in the late 2020s.

Now, two years later, we see that he was not only prescient but actually understating things. For not only has a “Big Data revolution” and “digital transformation” arrived (as he predicted in a podcast shortly before his appearance at the forum), but it has been significantly hastened by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Healthcare Business Today, November 22, 2020

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Revealed AI’s Potential in Healthcare

To date there have been only glimpses of how artificial intelligence might be used in the battle against the coronavirus, much less future public health crises. They are promising glimpses, certainly, but no more than that.

Consider, for instance, that on Dec. 31, 2019, an AI platform known as BlueDot—based in Toronto—took note of an unusual cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China. That was nine days before the World Health Organization issued an alert about the coronavirus. Nine crucial days. Nine days that could have made an enormous difference, had BlueDot’s warnings been heeded.

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McKnights Long Term Care News, November 6, 2020

Are smart healthcare facilities the wave of the future?

Amid the horrors of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a hopeful glimpse of healthcare’s future. And it came from the very epicenter of the outbreak — Wuhan, China — where in the early days of March, a temporary field hospital was set up, manned entirely by robots.

The bots, provided by a Beijing startup known as CloudMinds Technology and remotely controlled by human hands, measured the temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen level of patients at the facility, which was set up in Hong Shan Sports Center. They also delivered food and medication, disinfected the place and even helped alleviate the tedium by dancing for patients.

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tap-into-logo-joel-landau, November 4, 2020

King David Center’s Renovations Reflect Facility’s Continuing Growth

The goal behind the renovations at The Allure Group’s King David Center was simple, according to David Schoenblum, the facility’s administrator.

“We’re always trying to grow,” he said. “If you stay in the same place, you’re not going to make strides. You’re going to fall behind. And we’re always looking to grow, to make strides.”

Renovations of the 6-year-old facility began in October 2019 and are nearly complete. The final step is the completion of an aqua therapy pool, which Schoenblum said is “the only one of its kind in New York City.”

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Healthcare Business Today, October 7, 2020

The Tender Balance Between Contact Tracing and Privacy

In a rare partnership, Google and Apple are developing an API to help facilitate COVID-19 tracing for healthcare organizations on a nationwide scale. Many believe that such contact tracing — i.e., identifying those who may have come into contact with someone already infected with the virus — is a critical step in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

However, with privacy concerns a discussion point for both even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been some pushback on these efforts. The ACLU is among those raising concerns about the privacy and security of such measures, with the U.S. legislature discussing bills designed to protect privacy and restore faith in technology.

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McKnights Long Term Care News, September 30, 2020

The test of testing: Why is it so difficult to screen staffers?

The No. 1 priority of all skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic remains resident safety. That’s not even a question, as those operating SNFs serve a population that is in a high-risk age range, and in many cases is dealing with a preexisting condition as well. These patients must be protected as much as possible — a sizable challenge, given how pernicious the virus has proven to be.

But just as important is staff safety, as they are the ones on the proverbial front lines. They are the ones whose duties dictate that they cannot remain socially distant from those suffering from COVID-19 — or any other malady, for that matter. It is their job to work in close proximity with one and all, no matter the risks, and to do so day after day, week after week, month after month.

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Patch, September 25, 2020

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Hastened Nursing Home’s Tech Adoption

Where technology is concerned, The Allure Group, a network of six New York City-based skilled nursing facilities, has always tried to stay ahead of the curve. That focus on innovation has enabled the company to stay on top of things during the coronavirus pandemic, and figures to make a considerable difference in The Allure Group’s future as well.

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Seniors Lifestyle Mag, September 11, 2020

Safeguarding Seniors: How to Minimize Falls

Fully one-third of seniors living at home, and 60 percent of those living in nursing homes, fall each year. The mortality rate among those who fall increases with age, and it accounts for 70 percent of the accidental deaths among those aged 75 and older. More than 90 percent of hip fractures occur as a result of falls with most of these happening to people over 70. Many factors go into why people fall including age, medication use, cognitive impairment and sensory issues.

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FORBES, August 26, 2020

To Spark Innovation, Tech Matters, But Your People Matter Most

When I entered the business world years ago, I primarily hired friends and family members, only to discover that they could not provide me the candid feedback necessary to inspire growth and innovation. Simply put, I needed to be challenged. I needed to rely on colleagues who knew more than I did about a given topic, who could give me new ideas and open new horizons.

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McKnights Long Term Care News Company, August 10, 2020

We should be doing more to prepare for the next pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, it is important to not only deal with the present reality but also to think ahead. And on the latter score it is instructive to read the words of Michael T. Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

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SCORE, August 2, 2020

How to Think Like a CEO

Leadership ability is a trait frequently examined with the intent of finding a common element or aptitude in individuals well before their ascent to the C-suite. Indeed, we see many tests and studies dedicated to sussing out some kind of leadership “gene,” as if it were a feature that can be simply inherited rather than cultivated via a combination of several factors.

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Provider, August 1, 2020

Health Technology Supercharges During COVID-19

These are dark days indeed. But if one has learned anything from history, it is that humankind has shown itself to be adaptable, again and again, making the best of even the worst situations. When things are at their most egregious, that is when individuals tend to be the most resilient and resourceful.

Consider, for example, the Black Death, which led to the demise of the feudal system and the rise of medical practices based on science. Or consider the Spanish flu outbreak, which resulted in increased opportunities for women in the workforce.

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Seniors Lifestyle Mag, July 21, 2020

The Most Difficult Discussion of all: How to Talk Assisted Living with Seniors

Nobody, it seems, wants to discuss the prospect of assisted living with seniors, least of all their kids. For proof of that, just ask Amy — Amy Dickinson, that is.
Her nationally syndicated advice column, which is in fact called Ask Amy, has been a newspaper staple for years. But she found herself posing as many questions as she answered during a 2010 appearance on an NPR show devoted to the topic of one of life’s more difficult discussions: How do you broach such a sensitive matter with a loved one?

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FORBES, July 14, 2020

Leveraging Virtual Reality In Skilled Nursing Facilities

Virtual reality technology, which has always enabled gamers to boldly go where no one has gone before, has in recent years branched out into yet another world: elder care.

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Score, July 9, 2020

Helping Employees Become Their Best Selves

Renowned British entrepreneur Richard Branson once said that business success is “all about people, people, people.”
That was never clearer than it is now, with the coronavirus pandemic offering unprecedented challenges to every organization in every sector. Dependable employees are invaluable. They are the connective tissue that has held organizations together, that has enabled them to push forward, despite everything.

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McKnights Long Term Care News Company, July 1, 2020

The challenge of protecting dementia residents during the coronavirus pandemic

The new normal resulting from the coronavirus pandemic has presented a particular challenge to those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, as well as the dedicated healthcare professionals caring for them in skilled nursing facilities.

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Conscious Company, June 22, 2020

The far-reaching impact of corporate social responsibility

Companies can influence something other than their bottom line. They can, in fact, be change agents within their communities, their nations, and the world at large. And while doing so they can increase their appeal to candidates and consumers alike. The trend toward Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been fueled by Millennials and those comprising Generation Z, who have shown themselves to be more sensitive about the world around them than previous generations. As a result, they would much prefer to work for (and buy from) a company whose values align with their own.

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McKnights Long Term Care News, June 19, 2020

COVID-19 caregivers, don’t forget to care for yourselves, too

The coronavirus crisis is unlike anything our healthcare workers have ever seen. The hours are long, the workflow constant and the outcomes not always favorable. By June 2 over six million cases had been confirmed around the globe, and over 370,000 people had died of the virus. Nearly 35 percent of those cases (1.81 million), and nearly 36 percent of those deaths (105,000), had occurred in the U.S.
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Healthcare Business Today, June 19, 2020

Teaching Tech to Seniors: Why it Matters Now More than Ever

Technology is always at the forefront of the thinking of The Allure Group’s leadership team. It needs to be top of mind with seniors as well, whether they are aging in place or ensconced in a skilled nursing facility like one of the six in Allure’s network.

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The IOT Magazine, June 18, 2020

Yakety Yak: Healthcare Chatbots are in fact Talking Back

Chatbots, while still in their infancy, are making their voices heard in various aspects of American life. And they are having a greater and greater say in eldercare as well. As with those of other ages, they can provide a senior with health information and reminders about appointments or medication usage. For those aging in place, there are also chatbots that analyze symptoms remotely and offer possible diagnoses.

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SCORE, June 3, 2020

How Companies Can Retain Talent in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Turnover is a constant headache for any organization, and one that has been made much worse during the coronavirus pandemic. The need for belt-tightening has led to unprecedented layoffs and furloughs, to the point that the United Nations’ International Labour Organization predicted a seven percent decrease in worldwide working hours in the second quarter of 2020, the equivalent of 195 million full-time jobs.

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Seniors Lifestyle Mag, June 2, 2020

How to Sniff Out (And Snuff) Senior Scams

An elderly woman sees her son gamble away her $315 million retirement account, resulting in her eviction from the skilled nursing facility in which she is a resident. An assistant bank manager bilks an Oregon couple, both in their 80s, out of $100,000. And while the employee serves a 10-month jail term after the couple’s passing, the bank only grudgingly agrees to return the money to their estate.

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McKnights Long Term Care News, June 1, 2020

Tech use balloons in shrinking COVID-19 world

Tablets, telehealth and other technology have long been part of the model of care at The Allure Group, a network of six New York City skilled nursing facilities.

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McKnights Long Term Care News, May 15, 2020

We must solve the senior isolation epidemic. Their lives may depend on it

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded and concerns arose about the increased risk of infection facing older Americans, another worry came to the forefront: social isolation. This concern is of a long-term nature, and almost as insidious as the virus itself.

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SCORE, May 7, 2020

Engagement: It’s Not Just About Hiring the Right Managers

Employee engagement, always top of mind in any business, has vaulted a little higher now, during the coronavirus pandemic. How do you keep everybody on board when the world around them seems to be falling apart? How do you keep everyone rowing in the same direction when the work environment has suddenly changed — when remote work is often a reality, for instance, or social distance offers myriad challenges?

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Healthcare Business Today, May 6, 2020

The Ever-Changing Role of the Healthcare CEO

Flatiron Health, a U.S.-based healthcare technology startup, has made searching for data on cancer patients a thing of the past. The company’s staff of medical experts and software engineers have created a platform called DocSearch, which aggregates patient data so that doctors, pharmacists, research institutes and others can easily find everything from pathology reports to faxed records.

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Healthcare Business Today, April 23, 2020

How Data-Driven Entrepreneurship Is Changing the Healthcare Market

Flatiron Health, a U.S.-based healthcare technology startup, has made searching for data on cancer patients a thing of the past. The company’s staff of medical experts and software engineers have created a platform called DocSearch, which aggregates patient data so that doctors, pharmacists, research institutes and others can easily find everything from pathology reports to faxed records.

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LinkedIn Pulse, April 23, 2020

Nursing Homes Deserve Praise, Not Blame

It has happened every night this spring, at 7 o’clock sharp. With the coronavirus pandemic raging on, folks sheltering in place and hospital workers continuing to wage a battle that has no discernible end, New York City residents have opened their windows or gathered on the balconies or rooftops of their apartment buildings to clap and cheer.

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Disrupt, April 19, 2020

Will Caretaking Ever be Automated?

From enhancing a surgeon’s precision to disposing of medical waste to monitoring health metrics, artificial intelligence (AI) is making a big impact on the sector. Even the pint-sized robots are doing big things in healthcare. It will be fascinating to see where it all goes.

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Score, April 15, 2020

Retaining Talent in the Aftermath of COVID-19

A January 2020 survey of CEOs revealed that while a recession was their greatest external fear, their greatest internal concern was attracting and retaining talent. In a matter of months, those concerns have become all too real as the COVID-19 pandemic has sent us into an economic slump. Businesses are making unprecedented levels of layoffs and furloughs, employees are adapting to new ways of getting work done, and healthcare facilities are left scrambling to care for patients struck with the virus.

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Thrive Global, March 10, 2020

The Expertise Trap: When a Lot of Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Becoming a team leader or the CEO of a company requires tenacity, skill and knowledge. You either began as the company’s resident expert or quickly became that person — the one who knows everything about everything. While this position serves as an invaluable resource, it can also mean that tunnel vision sets in. Experts on any given topic can be so focused they fail to evolve.

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Conscious Company, November 22, 2019

Ideas are a dime a dozen, but execution is richly rewarded

Boardrooms are littered with good intentions. A company’s ideas are floated and fleshed out, dissected and even greenlighted, but in many cases, they never quite reach fruition. Sometimes it’s a matter of imagination (or lack thereof). Sometimes it’s a matter of communication. Sometimes it’s a matter of collaboration. Whatever the case, execution has become an enormous concern for businesses.

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Hit Consultant, September 9, 2019

4 Areas Where Big Data is Transforming Healthcare Right Now

Leveraging technology in the right ways can make or break the future of healthcare. One of the ways that healthcare will become more efficient, more affordable, and save more lives is through the use of big data. What is Big Data?

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FORBES, September 6, 2019

Why EQ Is Essential For A Leader

There is an interconnectedness to every organization, an undeniable link between each and every person that begins at the top of the food chain. A leader can define a company’s mindset and culture, which is why their every word, thought or action carries considerable weight.

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Conscious Company, August 26, 2019

4 ways to maintain your companies purpose as it grows

As a company grows, it becomes all too easy for a CEO to lose sight of what made the business special to begin with, and that can be detrimental in the extreme. Quality can suffer, and ultimately the customer will, too. That will, in time, lead to ruin for the company in question.

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FORBES, July 24, 2018

How to Grow Your Current Business While Saving For The Next

Hopeful serial entrepreneurs face a difficult challenge: starting a new business while their existing company is still in need of time, money, and attention. According to Joel Landau, with the right strategies, founders can save for their next company without starving their first of any of the resources it needs to be successful.  >>Read More.

FORBES, July 6, 2018

How Serial Entrepreneurs Can Raise Multiple Businesses

For serial entrepreneurs, companies can be a lot like children. While several companies may come from the same founder, they all have unique needs, will develop on their own schedules, and reach independence and profitability in their own time (if at all). Joel Landau notes that, by making sure you understand the unique needs of your companies, you can “raise” each according to their distinct needs.  >>Read More.

ENTREPRENEUR, June 29, 2018

Everyone Is Getting Lonelier. Here’s How Entrepreneurs Are Helping to Reverse the Trend.

The world has a loneliness epidemic on its hands, and it is worse for some demographics more than others. While the government can and should address this issue, which has been compared to a health crisis, Joel Landau believes that the private sector is also able to help alleviate loneliness through business and innovation. >>Read More.

STARTUP NATION, June 22, 2018

High-Level or Hands-On? How Smart Entrepreneurs Strike a Balance

Running a company takes high-level management as well as hands-on knowledge of what happens every day. It can be difficult for entreprneneurs to strike a balance, especially as small companies grow into larger ones, time wears thin, and CEOs choose to delegate hands-on tasks. Joel Landau believes that those who find a way to do both will be most successful in the long run. >>Read More.

SCORE, April 30, 2018

10 Useless Business Hacks That Every Entrepreneur Can Ignore

Joel Landau knows that not all business hacks you read about on the internet will actually save you time or improve your productivity, If you’re entrepreneur with a business at stake, you can’t afford to waste time on anything bogus, unproven, or plain inefficient — here are ten you can avoid.  >>Read More.

FORBES, April 17, 2018

Six Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Alexander Hamilton

Founding Father Alexander Hamilton has a legacy greater than the musical named after him. In fact, the nation’s first treasurer possessed many skills that today’s entrepreneurs can learn from. Joel Landau believes that you can benefit from similar philosophies whether you are founding a nation and founding a company. >>Read More.

SCORE, February 27, 2018

How to Grow Your Business With Retirement in Mind

Joel Landau knows that growing a business can be challenging. So, too, can growing your own retirement savings and helping your employees do the same. With the right strategies, you can build a business that is condusive to your own retirement goals and that of your associates. >>Read More.

FORBES, February 27, 2018

Why You Should Let Your ‘Brilliant’ Business Ideas Die

Not all business ideas are brilliant, and even some that are won’t make it. For entrepreneurs like Joel Landau, the key is knowing when to let these ideas die and how to tell when they are worth following. The difference is worth knowing, and as long as you don’t get too attached you will be in good shape to keep testing until you get things right.  >>Read More.

ALLEYWATCH, February 23, 2018

Your Ideas Aren’t Your Babies (Sometimes They Need to Die)

Not all business ideas are brilliant, and even some that are won’t make it. For entrepreneurs, like Joel Landau, the key is knowing when to let these ideas die and how to tell when they are worth following. The difference is worth knowing, and as long as you don’t get too attached you will be in good shape to keep testing until you get things right.  >>Read More.

THRIVE GLOBAL, February 14, 2018

The Community-Minded Entrepreneur: Why Being Neighborly Is Good for Business.

A company is always in a community, but it is always of a community? Being “neighborly” through community involvement and respect go a long way in business. Joel Landau believes that companies, like plants and people and so many other things, will thrive best when they become part of the environment they live in.  >>Read More.

THRIVE GLOBAL, February 14, 2018

3 Ways Your Business Can “Pay it Forward”

Corporate Responsibility means “paying it forward,” the benefits of which have been well-documented. Joel Landau believes that engaging in this practice is almost always an excellent investment. Whether you have a “pay it forward” day or adopt a charity, there are many ways your company can give back and get a great return.  >>Read More.

SCORE, January 2, 2018

Hire People Who Argue, And Be Wary of Yes Men

It’s important for the people you hire to be willing to do their job well and execute your vision. But it’s also important for them to be able to challenge you and provide new perspectives that help you and your company grow. Joel Landau knows that there are a lot of “yes men” in the world, but if you hire people willing to argue about the things that matter, you will set your business up for success. >>Read More.

ALLEYWATCH, December 28, 2017

Want To Get Ahead? Make Waking Up at 4AM the First Item on Your To-Do List

Some of history’s greatest innovators and go-getters share a common trait: they woke up early. Everyone has their own magic number, but Joel Landau suggests making waking up at 4 AM the first item on your to-do list. With an early start, the day is yours to conquer.  >>Read More.

SCORE, November 17, 2017

You Don’t Have to Be First to Win

Sometimes slow and steady really does win the race! Historically, not everyone who is first to market ends up with the most success, and it is often because they were hasty or had no competition to learn from. Joel Landau knows that timing really is everything; entrepreneurs should be cautious but fierce and able to act when the moment is right, even if it takes some time and observation.  >>Read More.

CNBC, October 3, 2017

Health-care dilemma: 10,000 boomers retiring each day

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day, and counting, the elderly population in America is growing rapidly. Is the healthcare industry prepared for this influx? Joel Landau believes that with the right businesses, programs, policies and priorities, it could be.  >>Read More.

PATCH, September 22, 2017

Healthcare Businessman Joel Landau Offers Advice To New York Entrepreneurs

Starting a business in New York City is far from easy. Healthcare entrepreneur Joel Landau offers advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs in eldercare and beyond in a Q & A with Ideamensch.  >>Read More

SCORE, September 19, 2017

How to Identify Business Opportunity in Underserved Markets

Joel Landau knows that underserved markets represent an opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs to target new and useful products and services to those that need them moth. Here’s how to find these underserved markets and parse out the business opportunities.  >>Read More.

PATCH, July, 27, 2017

Are You an Aging Resident of NYC? The Allure Group’s Joel Landau Has Advice For You.

New York City is aging quickly along with the rest of America and the world. But many NYC seniors have unique needs, including its Chinese population. Joel Landau’s company, The Allure Group, caters to these seniors by keeping their culture, comfort, and quality of life in mind every step of the way.  >>Read More.

SCORE, July, 2, 2017

7 Pieces of Advice for Aspiring Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship in the healthcare industry may just be more important than ever. But it’s a complex industry with many regulations worth understanding before you get your feet wet. Learn what successful healthcare entrepreneur Joel Landau thinks you need to know to succeed in this industry.  >>Read More.

PATCH, June 30, 2017

Joel Landau on Healthcare Cost Efficiency and Healthcare Real Estate in NYC

Healthcare costs in America are among the highest in the world, and the burden often is on the most vulnerable populations among us. Joel Landau believes that streamlining processes would make healthcare more efficient, reducing costs and creating a system we can all benefit from in New York City and beyond.  >>Read More.

PATCH, April 12, 2017

Joel Landau on Baby Boomers Aging

Baby Boomers are aging swiftly and the health and eldercare industries need to catch up fast. Companies like Joel Landau’s Allure Group intend to create quality-focused spaces and processes that prioritize the needs of the growing senior population in New York City. It is vital that the industry at large do so as well.  >>Read More.