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How Business Leaders Can Help Team Members Find Their Purpose

The Great Resignation continues, with some 4.4 million American workers quitting their jobs in September, after 4.3 million departed in August and 4 million left in July. The resignations tended to be highest among workers in mid-career (i.e., ages 30 to 45), as well as those in the technology and healthcare sectors. While the reasons [...]

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Using Tech to Track & Improve Seniors’ Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic hit across the country, skilled nursing facilities, acting at the behest of governmental officials, implemented unprecedented visitation restrictions in the interest of resident and staff health and safety. Such restrictions are understandably difficult for both residents and their families, especially since seniors’ isolation has been shown to cause or exacerbate a [...]

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Bringing Comfort Those Afflicted Sundown Syndrome

A few years ago, writes Dr. David Scales, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine, an elderly woman, already hospitalized, underwent a troubling transformation when day turned to night: Normally agreeable, she was seen stalking the hallways of the place, screaming in Italian and fearful that the staff would relieve her of what she [...]

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2018 #FutoreofAging Forecast: What’s Next in Healthcare Innovations for Seniors

A virtual reality system that allows seniors to “visit” far-off locales without leaving the comforts of their assisted-living facility. A belt that helps prevent hip fractures. Silverware that allows Parkinson’s patients to eat without difficulty. These are just a few of the innovations coming to senior care. And such breakthroughs are always of interest to [...]

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Putting the “Care” back in “Healthcare”

The goal at The Allure Group, as at every healthcare facility, is to provide each and every patient with the best possible care. Unfortunately the demands placed upon medical professionals -- whether because of healthcare policy, insurance costs or the sheer demand for services -- make that ever more challenging. There are ways, however, to [...]

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