The Allure Group is proud to support the 2018 Parkinson’s Unity Walk (PUW) on Saturday, April 28th in New York City’s Central Park. In honor of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Allure has assembled a team that will participate in the Walk, which begins at 8:30 a.m. at the 72nd Street Bandshell.

The Walk is designed to raise money for the cause, increase awareness about the disease, build community and educate on the many challenges faced by Parkinson’s patients. Parkinson’s is the second most common neurological disorder behind Alzheimer’s. In the United States alone, there are currently over 1 million people living with Parkinson’s, and 60,000 more (one person every nine minutes) are diagnosed each year. To date, it is incurable, but funds raised by the Walk will support research towards finding a cause and a cure, as well as advancing therapies that improve the quality of life for people living with the disease.

The Allure Group serves a diverse range of patients across its nursing facilities, and it is the company’s interactions with those patients and their families that inspire many of Allure’s services, programs and events. Through Allure’s neurological rehabilitation program, “Minds in Motion,” it has witnessed the effects of Parkinson’s disease first-hand and is pleased to support this important initiative. The “Minds in Motion” program works to improve the lives of patients with severe neurological disorders like Parkinson’s, and seeks to support initiatives that contribute to the research and improved treatment options that Parkinson’s patients desperately need.

PUW began in 1994 through the dedicated efforts of patients, families, friends, caregivers and support groups. Since then, it has funded hundreds of studies. Over the past 23 years, the Walk has grown from 200 participants to approximately 9,000 participants in the 2017 Walk. Over the years, its fundraising efforts have dramatically increased, as well. In 1994, the Walk raised $16,000 in research funds; last year, over $1.5 million was raised. PUW is the largest grassroots fundraiser for Parkinson’s disease research in the United States.

The Walk is open to the public. It is a 1.4 mile walk on a wheelchair-accessible route through Central Park that can be completed at any pace. The Allure Group hopes that you will register to join them at the event. If you’re unable to walk, donations can be made to The Allure Group in your name. Walkers and donors will be provided with a Team Allure t-shirt. Additionally, Allure will be holding raffles at each of its centers leading up to the event so that these additional funds can also support Parkinson’s research. All proceeds from the Walk will fund research at the following institutions: the American Parkinson Disease Association, the Parkinson’s Foundation, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, the Parkinson Alliance and the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center.

Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about the latest medical therapies, as well as meet with organizations and healthcare experts that are at the forefront of Parkinson’s treatments, studies, and therapy advancements.

Allure believes in a future free of Parkinson’s, but finding a cure requires greater collaboration and resources. Participating in the Walk funds the research that will make it possible to realize that goal. Allure invites you to join this incredible community of individuals who are committed to fundraising for this important cause. Every walker and every donation make a difference.