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The Challenge of Health Equity, and How Organizations Can Meet It

In a February 2022 address, Xavier Becerra, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, declared that health equity needs to be his organization’s “North Star,” pointing out that healthcare is “more than just mending bones or dispensing pills” and adding:  “It's about giving people access to peace of mind, to economic security and to [...]

2022-03-28T13:21:13+00:00March 28th, 2022|Blog|

How Businesses Build Trust

We live in turbulent times, where Americans are divided (and entrenched) politically, and where distrust has grown not only in government but in media entities, amid the spread of misinformation and the misguided assertion that journalists are the “enemies of the people.” Against that backdrop, it is fair to ask just what we can believe [...]

2022-03-10T15:06:47+00:00March 10th, 2022|Blog|

Why Healthcare Cybersecurity is More Crucial than Ever

In July 2021, Nate Warfield, CTO of the cybersecurity firm Prevailion, wrote that healthcare is facing “a full-blown crisis” when it comes to cybersecurity, in a post on the website Threatpost. He offered as an example a breach on Scripps Health San Diego two months earlier, an attack that cost that system nearly $113 million, [...]

2022-02-03T19:08:00+00:00February 3rd, 2022|Blog|

Assessing The Key Metrics of Patient-Centered Care

As discussed at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Las Vegas in August 2021, the ongoing pandemic has accelerated the use of healthcare technology – particularly telehealth and remote patient monitoring – furthering the trend toward patient-centered care. According to the website, Tania Elliott, chief medical officer for virtual care, [...]

2022-01-05T17:46:48+00:00January 5th, 2022|Blog|

CEO Turnover: Why It Occurs, and How Those Involved Must Handle It

For a variety of reasons, turnover on the part of U.S. CEOs continues unabated. According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., a global outplacement/coaching organization, 888 CEOs departed American companies in the first eight months of 2021, just nine fewer than over the same period in 2020. The exodus was particularly pronounced in August, as [...]

2021-11-15T16:23:16+00:00November 15th, 2021|Blog|

How Businesses Leverage the Power of Storytelling

As I wrote recently for Thrive Global, there’s a reason stories have such power -- why they’ve resonated since the dawn of time, and why they continue to resonate even in today’s business world, resulting in more engaged listeners and, ultimately, a better ROI. There are scientific reasons for this, as was once explained by [...]

2021-10-07T14:53:50+00:00October 7th, 2021|Blog|

Why Vaccinations Matter for Society’s Most Vulnerable

August was National Immunization Awareness Month, (NIAM) which according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), highlights the importance of vaccination for people of all ages. Communities around the nation used the month to raise awareness about the important role vaccines play in preventing diseases that are both serious and deadly. Since their manifestation, vaccinations [...]

2021-10-07T14:49:47+00:00September 13th, 2021|Blog|

EQ, Agility are Essential Parts of CEOs’ Toolkits in Uncertain Times

The unprecedented challenges that have befallen businesses throughout the U.S. since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic (and the accompanying economic slump) have made it more clear than ever that emotional intelligence -- EI or EQ, for emotional intelligence quotient -- is an essential part of a leader’s toolkit. Just as essential in times like [...]

2021-06-24T14:53:52+00:00April 9th, 2021|Blog, The Allure Group|

The Expertise Trap: When a Lot of Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Becoming a team leader or the CEO of a company requires tenacity, skill and knowledge. You either began as the company’s resident expert or quickly became that person — the one who knows everything about everything. While this position serves as an invaluable resource, it can also mean that tunnel vision sets in. Experts on [...]

2020-04-08T18:54:24+00:00March 18th, 2020|Blog|

Don’t Let a Fixed Income Put You in a Fix

There are various challenges to maintaining financial health in one’s later years, but one of the biggest is this: understanding the sheer scope of that challenge. In too many cases we move along in our pre-retirement years, only vaguely aware of the potential trouble ahead; we are either unwilling or unable to confront the stark [...]

2020-04-08T18:25:05+00:00February 20th, 2020|Blog|