The healthcare industry often talks about how technology is transforming patient care, but often overlooked are the powerful mobile apps that can help people suffering from various conditions, such as dementia.

These apps include helpful resources like reminder apps that aid seniors with dementia in living more independently, and games that have been shown to impede the progression of the disease. There are also apps designed to help support caregivers and loved ones who care for someone with dementia.

Here’s a list of seven of the most transformative apps for dementia patients and their caregivers.

1. MemoClock

MemoClock was created after its founder’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The app allows caregivers to create an account shared between them and the person with dementia. Caregivers can send daily reminders to the other person’s phone, ensuring they don’t forget critical tasks like doctor’s appointments or taking medication. Caregivers and dementia patients can also send images and voice recordings. Caregivers can set recurring reminders for daily tasks.

2. Dementia Guide Expert

Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be incredibly difficult. Educational apps like Dementia Guide Expert were created with this purpose in mind. The user-friendly guide features resources and a library of information to help caregivers and patients learn more about the condition.

3. Train Your Brain

Train Your Brain is a cognitive training app created for older adults at high risk of dementia or those already diagnosed with the disease. Users have a variety of games to choose from, including memorizing shopping lists and card matching. Some games are free, but others can be unlocked at a small cost.

4. My House of Memories

Forgetfulness is one of the most disheartening parts of dementia. My House of Memories is powerful because it allows dementia patients to unlock some of their positive memories, inspiring meaningful conversations with caregivers. If a certain image creates a positive reaction, it can be saved on the app for future reference.

5. Medisafe

Medisafe is a medication management app that helps dementia patients remember to take their medication on time every day. Caregivers can also access the app, but it’s designed to help people with dementia maintain some independence.

6. Mojo

Mojo is a free app filled with helpful information for caregivers and loved ones who are taking care of their relatives. It helps caregivers understand how to manage the troublesome behaviors that come with the disease, and notes can be tracked directly in the app, along with uploaded photos.

7. Word Search Colorful

Word Search Colorful is a version of the classic word search game that many dementia patients are familiar with. Instead of circling words, which can be tricky for patients with limited mobility, users can swipe the words with their fingers.

Dementia patients and their caregivers can utilize these apps, and more, to help manage the disease, delay its progress, and also as an educational resource.