Joel Landau is a leader and entrepreneur committed to redesigning the complex healthcare industry to create better patient experiences, especially for the elderly.

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Joel Landau has founded several successful companies that address market niches while improving the services available to patients and their loved ones. Joel Landau’s personal motto is “an improved, more cost-effective and holistic healthcare system is well within our reach.”

Joel Landau’s interest in healthcare started when he witnessed the lack of services and potential risks facing his grandfather. Seeing that traditional nursing homes couldn’t support necessary medical care and also create the elements for a positive lifestyle, he set out to create quality care in a hospitality focused setting. Later, he expanded his vision to improve rehabilitation services for the chronically ill. The resulting facilities address and improve care for people of all ages with a special focus on the elderly, while being cost effective, culturally sensitive and accessible.

As an innovator and leader, Joel Landau has a success record which includes introducing technology and incorporating community assets to aid health plans and their provider partners in achieving top-level service and financial stability. Landau has guided many companies and non-profits from struggling and underperforming into stable, patient-focused regional players serving millions of members.

In 2012, Joel Landau founded The Allure Group to create centers that provide top healthcare and quality of life throughout New York City and Brooklyn. One of the key improvements Landau adopted is the integration of short-term rehabilitation and long-term nursing care in one place. This enables patients to remain at the center for treatment, eliminating travel to a hospital and the potential exposure to infection and stress.

Several of The Allure Group’s centers are tailored to the local communities. To serve the Chinese population in Brooklyn, the Longevity Garden Program operates within the Hamilton Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to provide Chinese food and Mandarin-speaking staff. These details give comfort to those receiving care and the families who visit them.

Joel Landau is also co-founder and managing director of Pinta Capital Partners, which invests in early to mid-stage healthcare companies for the elderly and underserved populations in New York City including the chronically ill and the disabled. Using his extensive experience, the firm enables healthcare institutions to improve their services while maintaining sustainable growth. Pinta Capital Partners is guided by the principles of increasing access to healthcare, improving patient quality of life, and providing more cost-effective care. This improves the patient experience and the healthcare system at the same time.

Joel Landau remains actively involved in his community by working to promote charities and good causes such as the Primary Care Development Corporation. He contributes his leadership skills and business acumen to improve the lives of all area residents by serving as a member and advisor to groups including the Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Review Panel (MCCARP), NYS DOH Preventative Health and Health Services Block Grant, NYS DOH Task Force on Long Term Care Financing and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

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